Thursday, October 4, 2007


I enjoyed this exercise thoroughly. But perhaps this is because Kevin Urian added so much weight and sensible application to the program as he patiently deciphered technical jargon to me as we navigated through the terms. New ventures in life are not usually as complicated as one suspects; it's the starting that's the hardest part. Helpful people make the journey so much nicer.
I'm looking forward to a great YouTube exploration with teens at Perryville.


Downloadable books from the library can't be played on Ipods because of the "end" date and copyright laws. Apple agreed to this.,


Podcasts are just like radio talk shows; can be music, talking, whatever. It's a recorded broadcast over the internet. Producing a podcast is, of course, harder than listening to a podcast. But with a microphone plugged into your computer, a podcast can be created.


Fantastic! Seemingly so easy. I'm anxious to try this with my digital camera. And I'm also anxious to have a YouTube program with teens at PER. Just a fooling-around session; making a short video and letting the kids see themselves on the big screen! What a blast!

Online Productivity Tools

I learned about the pros and cons of using web-based "office" programs. One advantage for personal use is no expense! Without purchasing a Microsoft program, one can create a flier, save it to a disc and/or print! Disadvantages might be if your internet connection was dial-up and really slow, the net might be down, or a connection may not be available at some locations. But it sounds useful to me as Christmas is around the corner and I will postpone, at least, buying myself some software. Good news!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Library 2.0

The swiftness with which new technology is booming is astounding and exciting. Shared knowledge among coworkers will only benefit patrons, students and communities. This is not the end of the road for libraries; just a fork to take. When one takes the time to concentrate and learn what can be done, new worlds enfold.


This tagging for blogs, carries a useful "authority" rating. One of the top ten blogs, I discovered, favored by users was "engadget."